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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light blocking glasses do as the name suggests, they "block" or reduce intense blue light frequency exposure. Why is this important? The sun carries the full frequency of the ROYGBV spectrum of light, and the concentrations of those particular color frequencies change throughout the day because of the angle at which the sun pierces through the atmosphere. Which partially explains why the sky appears more blue at mid-day and red or orange in the evening.

High concentrations of blue light, as found in the mid-day sun, light bulbs or our electronics (ie. smartphones, laptops, & TVs), affect our internal circadian rhythm. When we are exposed to man-made light at night, it signals to our brain that it is still daytime and suppresses the night time secretion of sleep hormones, such as melatonin. This contributes to reduced sleep quality and quantity.


Additionally, a 2016 study showed a significant reduction in the duration and intensity of a manic episode when blue light blocking glasses were used in conjunction with typical pharmacotherapy versus those using medication alone. 

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It's For?

  • Insomnia (↓)

  • Sleep Quality (↑)

  • Mania (↓)


To Wear?

  • For insomnia prevention: wear glasses from sunset to bedtime every night while inside.​

  • For manic episodes: wear glasses whenever exposed to any artificial light during the daytime or the night for the duration of the episode.


To Know?

  • Blue light blocking glasses are only meant to be worn when exposed to artificial light during the day or night! In other words, when you are outside, remove the glasses to get unfiltered, full-spectrum sunlight. 

Buying Tips

  • There are many different factors to consider when purchasing a pair of blue light blocking glasses, including blue light blocking ability, style, brand, cost, and quality. There are hundreds on blue-light blocking glasses on Amazon. The three options we chose below are not necessarily going to fit your needs. So, shop around! 

  • If you plan on using your glasses at work (in addition to the evening) to minimize the negative effects of artificial light, then we recommend choosing glasses with clear lenses.

  • If you only plan on only using them at home from sunset to bedtime and would like the maximum blue-light blocking ability, then we recommend choosing glasses with amber colored lenses.

  • If you intend to use them because you have bipolar disorder, we would recommend the stronger amber colored glasses to use during your manic episodes. 

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Links to Some Recommended Products

  • Pros: Voted "Best for Office Employees". More stylish. 

  • Cons: Less blue-light blocking ability.

  • Pros: Better blue-light blocking ability! Best for night time, at home use. 

  • Cons: Not as stylish.

  • Pros: Multipack. More affordable. More stylish.

  • Cons: Lower quality. Less blue-light blocking ability.

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